Prepaid Billing

Pay As You Go With Prepaid Billing


This daily billing option allows you to choose how and when you pay for electricity, the same way you buy gasoline or a prepaid phone card. Purchasing electricity as you go means there is no due date, and you can make payments when it fits your budget. Best of all there are no surprise bills, security deposits, or late fees.

Instead of a monthly statement, we’ll notify you if your prepaid balance is running low by email or text message. Track your daily usage by logging into SmartHub online or through the mobile app. You are in control of how much you pay and when—simply maintain a credit balance to continue electric service. 

Who Can Participate:


  • You must be a member of Salem Electric.
  • You must be on the Residential Rate Schedule (Schedule 1 & 2).
  • You must have a compatible meter (most residential services will qualify).
  • You must have a valid email address to ensure you are notified when your account balance is running low.

How To Get Started:


  • Contact our Member Services team to enroll.
  • If you have an existing traditional account you may convert to prepaid billing at any time. Any deposits on your existing account will be credited toward the outstanding account balance and/or to your prepaid balance. 
  • If you have a balance owing, please contact us for possible payment arrangements. 


If you decide prepaid billing isn’t right for you, it’s simple and easy to return to a traditional account at any time. You will need to meet traditional account requirements, which may include a security deposit.