Your Cooperative Your Voice

Your Cooperative – Your Voice

Learn more about co-ops and how your voice can be heard. 

For over 80 years, Salem Electric has delivered clean, reliable, and affordable power to our members. Yet each legislative session Salem Electric and other Oregon electric cooperatives face mandates and regulations that challenge our ability to deliver the electricity you need—at a price you can afford. 

The stakes have never been higher. It’s time to take action. Oregon’s co-ops are encouraging members to come together to support common sense solutions through a grassroots campaign: ORECA-Action’s Voices for Cooperative Power. 


ORECA-Action is a powerful nonpartisan network comprised of Oregon electric cooperative members just like you. As an ORECA-Action member, you will receive updates about state and federal issues that impact your power costs and reliability. 

When important legislation is proposed that could impact your co-op, the ORECA-Action network provides you the information you need to send messages directly to your elected officials. All calls to action are voluntary and no ORECA-Action member is obligated to respond—your name will not be associated with any call to action unless you choose to participate.

Join ORECA-Action’s Voices for Cooperative Power and advocate for electric cooperative’s in Oregon and across the nation. Joining is easy, visit to register. Together we can make a difference!