Winter Bills Adding Up?

January 01, 2024

We’re here to offer some relief! Salem Electric’s annual energy assistance is available to members to help them with their Salem Electric bill. This year, income-qualified households can receive a one-time $185 bill credit. 

This credit can make a significant difference in managing your winter energy expenses. Funds are available January through September, and are subject to program funding. 

Assistance is available to qualifying members whose household income does not exceed income guidelines.

Applications are available after January 1 at our office, on our documents page, or by calling 503-362-3601 during business hours. Learn more about member assistance.


2024 Household Income Guidelines
Household Size Gross Annual Income* Gross Monthly Income
1 $33,427 $2,786
2 $43,712 $3,643
3 $53,997 $4,500
4 $64,282 $5,357
5 $74,567 $6,214
6 $84,852 $7,071

* Total household income before any deductions.