Oregon Cooperatives Light the Way

July 01, 2024

In a powerful demonstration of international solidarity, Oregon Empowers Guatemala sent 12 volunteer lineworkers and an engineer from various Oregon co-ops to electrify a remote village nestled in the mountains of Guatemala. They dedicated three weeks in March 2023 and showcased grassroots activism that transcends borders. The National Rural Cooperative Association (NRECA), Oregon Rural Electric Cooperative Association (ORECA), and Oregon electric cooperatives collaborated on this project.

Electric cooperatives have a long-standing tradition of bringing power where there is none. The profound impact on the quality of life and economic advancement resulting from the introduction of electricity to the village cannot be overstated. Access to electricity lays the foundation for future economic prosperity, offering opportunities for technological access, improved healthcare, heightened safety measures, and the creation of new jobs and commercial ventures.

However, the task is far from complete. In 2025 Oregon Empowers Guatemala is asking for support to extend the benefits of electricity to even more households in the region. To learn more about how you can help, visit OregonEmpowers.com.

All photos  by Mike Teegarden.

lineworker installing light fixture
men with reel of wire
man with electrical wires in background



stinging electrical lines in Guatemala
home in Guatemala
lightbulb in home in Guatemala



installing basketball hoop
children with basketball
group of people in Guatemala