Be Energy-Smart With SE’s Energy Efficiency Programs

February 01, 2024

Salem Electric is committed to promoting the efficient use of energy. To help our members get the most value from each kilowatt-hour used, we offer a range of energy efficiency programs designed to help you make energy-smart choices. When you save energy, we all win by saving money and increasing the region’s power grid resiliency. 

Heat pumps are a great option when upgrading zonal or forced air electric heat and when replacing a natural gas furnace. With our heat pump program, members can save up to $1,000 on qualifying installations. 

New windows or additional insulation can help keep you cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. If you live in an older house, weatherizing your home could result in substantial savings. In addition to saving big on your power bill, members may also receive an incentive for up to 50% of the project costs for qualifying efficiency measures.

Whether you’re tackling a big project like new windows or something as simple as a new smart thermostat, Salem Electric is here to support you in maximizing your savings potential. Explore our energy efficiency incentives. Your journey to energy-smart living starts here!

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