Electric Vehicle Charger Incentive

Program Description

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Incentive

A $500 incentive is available for residential Salem Electric members who purchase and install a ChargePoint Home Flex (level 2) electric vehicle charger at their residence. Incentives are subject to available funding, and the incentive cannot exceed the purchase price.



Eligibility Requirements

  • Only ChargePoint Home Flex (level 2) EV chargers qualify.
  • Must be installed at the member’s residential address.
  • Installation must take place within 60 days of the purchase date.
  • The charger must have access to Wi-Fi and the member must acknowledge that Salem Electric will have access to their ChargePoint charging data to be used to help identify future EV initiatives. 
  • Installation must comply with applicable city, county, and state code requirements.
  • The member must own or lease a battery electric vehicle (BEV) or a plug-in hybrid (PHEV).
  • Only one incentive per member.
ChargePoint Info

ChargePoint Home Flex

The ChargePoint Home Flex level 2 charger is available with a NEMA 6-50 plug or a NEMA 14-50 plug. 

  • The level 2, 240 volt electric vehicle (EV) charging station charges any EV up to 9X faster than a normal wall outlet, with flexible amperage settings from 16 amps to 50 amps and plug-in and hardwired installation options. Use the ChargePoint app to pick the right amperage for your home after installation.
  • Works with all electric cars, tested on leading EV models: Chevrolet Volt and Bolt EV, Hyundai Kona and Ioniq, Kia NIRO, Nissan LEAF, Tesla, Toyota Prius Prime, BMW i3, Honda Clarity, Chrysler Pacifica, Jaguar I-PACE, and many more.
  • Charge faster and smarter with the ChargePoint app. Set a schedule to charge when demand for electricity is lowest, set reminders so you never forget to plug in, use Alexa voice control, and see all your ChargePoint charging data in one place.
  • Safe and reliable, with a 3-year warranty backed by 24/7 customer support from ChargePoint, a company dedicated to EV charging for 10+ years. UL listed for electrical safety, ENERGY STAR certified for efficiency.
  • Easy for any electrician to install indoors or out. Plug-in installation with NEMA 6-50 or 14-50 outlet requires circuits rated 40A or 50A. For other circuit ratings, the plug is easily removed for hardwired installation. Set the charging amperage that's right for you and your home, helping to avoid electrical upgrades.
  • For more information about ChargePoint Home Flex chargers visit https://www.chargepoint.com/drivers/home/resource/
To Purchase

Steps to receive a $500 incentive for purchasing a ChargePoint Home Flex EV charger: 

Salem Electric provides two options to purchase a charger and receive an incentive.

Option 1—Instant Incentive from Salem Electric


  • Purchase a ChargePoint Home Flex charger fulfilled by GenPac.
  • The incentive will be instantly applied during checkout.
  • After your account has been verified, the charger will be shipped directly to you.
  • Within 60 days of receiving the charger, it must be installed and linked to Salem Electric through ChargePoint to qualify for the incentive.


Option 2—Reimbursement from Salem Electric


  • Purchase a ChargePoint Home Flex charger from any retailer.
  • Submit the EV Charger Eligibility webform below (a PDF version is available on our Documents page that can be mailed to Salem Electric or submitted by email).
  • Provide a copy of your receipt/invoice for the charger.
  • Receive a $500 incentive once the charger is installed and linked to Salem Electric through ChargePoint.
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