Board Meeting Summary October 25, 2022

October 25, 2022

Board Information

The Board approved a recommendation to use Salem Electric’s current insurer as a third-party contracted administrator for Paid Leave Oregon. Options for employers included using the state administered plan, a self-funded employer administered plan, or a third-party fully insured plan.

Budget Presentation

Staff presented the proposed 2023 budget. The budget is designed with SE’s five goals in mind—Reliable Service, Good Customer Relations, Good Employee Relations, Financial Integrity, and Low Rates. 

General Manager’s Report

Tony Schacher reported that the Bonneville Power Administration was able to use Pacific Northwest Dams, including the Lower Snake River Dams, to sell power to California during a significant heat wave the first week of September when California was facing extreme reliability challenges. In addition to helping prevent rolling blackouts, this resulted in a significant financial benefit for Bonneville customers. Salem Electric expects to receive $2.5 million through a BPA Reserve Distribution Clause and the additional revenue has been included in the 2023 proposed budget.