Board Meeting Summary October 22, 2019

October 22, 2019
Board Meeting Summary

Board Action

Net Metering Photovoltaic (PV) Program: The Board voted to delay the scheduled November 1 implementation of the monthly true up on net-metered PV accounts.

Board Policy Committee Recommendations: With the addition of a few wording changes, the Board accepted the Policy Committee recommendations in regards to the following board policies: Board Meeting Minutes, Rate to Provide Cooperative Documents to Members, Executive Committee Roles and Responsibilities, Elections Candidate Statement, and General Manager Compensation policy.

Budget Presentation

Staff presented the proposed 2020 budget. The budget is designed with SE's five goals in mind: Reliable Service, Good Customer Relations, Good Employee Relations, Financial Integrity, and Low Rates.

The following are highlights from the budget presentation.

Facility Review: Requested funds for additional racking for warehouse materials, upgrades to HVAC components that are at end of life, and a seismic upgrade of the warehouse.

Engineering Department: Requested funds for a smaller multi-purpose utility truck.

Requested approval for a loan for a transformer and feeder breaker bay for Hughes Substation as part of an identified 10-year system maintenance plan.

Information Technology: Requested funds for replacement of the current server environment.

Member Services: The 2020 postage budget has decreased due largely from an additional 1,600 members signing up for paperless billing.

There was a 67% decrease to the Meter Reading account due to organizational restructuring.

With the help of AMI metering technology, the billing and delinquent processes have become more efficient, resulting in a decrease in the customer records labor account by 11.8%.

Energy Efficiency Changes: To better align Salem Electric program incentives with BPA’s reimbursement criteria, program incentives for air source heat pumps and heat pump water heaters will be increased, and incentives for ductless heat pumps will be being reduced. Incentives for refrigerators, freezers, and hard-wired fixtures will end on December 14, 2019.