Board Meeting Summary February 23, 2021

February 23, 2021
Board Meeting Summary

Board Action

Bylaw Recommendations

The Board reviewed updates to the following bylaws which will be included on the ballot mailed to members in April; Bylaw 2.4 Transfer of Membership, Bylaw 2.5 Joint Membership, and Bylaw 3.3 Notice of Meetings.

Board Resolution

The Board voted to adopt a resolution reaffirming Salem Electric’s support of the Lower Snake River Dams and the Federal Columbia River Power System. The resolution opposes the removal of any of the Lower Snake or Columbia River dams and supports clean, renewable hydropower.

Virtual Annual Meeting

Due to the continued pandemic, the Board voted to hold the May 4, 2021 Salem Electric Annual Meeting in a virtual format.

Manager's Report

General Manager Tony Schacher reported that at one point in time during the February ice storm, over half of Salem Electric members were without power, and metering data indicated that nearly 85 percent of Salem Electric’s 20,000 meters sustained a power outage. Within 48 hours, power was restored to all but 200 members. For the first time in 80 years, Salem Electric called for mutual aid assistance. Schacher thanked those crews and the Salem Electric employees for their tireless work to restore power to members.