Board Meeting Summary April 26, 2022

May 01, 2022

Board Information

Annual Audit Report: The 2021 audit report was accepted as presented. The auditors issued a clean, unmodified opinion; the best opinion that an entity can earn. The auditor’s report showed that the Board could confidently rely on the financial statements as presented. They said that the records were well maintained and thanked the staff for their efforts.

Wildfire Mitigation Plan: Salem Electric’s Wildfire Mitigation Plan was presented to the Board. It consists of three main components: Vegetation Management, System Coordination, and System Hardening. The plan was developed using a systematic approach, which will allow for immediate action items as well as short-term and long-term implementation. Due to an urban service territory, the risk analysis concluded that Salem Electric’s wildfire risk is minimal, with no high-risk areas. Salem Electric does not own or operate any electrical facilities within a national forest, state forest, BLM land, or any other high-consequence area.

General Manager’s Report

Facilities Project: Due to requirements by the City of Salem, some parts of the project will need to be redesigned and construction will be delayed. This includes both the proposed warehouse on the east side of the river and upgrades to the west-side properties. Rezoning of an existing property from industrial to multi-use may also change the project design.