New Billing and Payment Options

September 01, 2023

Looking for more convenience and flexibility when it comes to your monthly electric bill? Check out our newest payment and billing options geared to help make your life a little easier. 


Pay as You Go With Prepaid 

With prepaid billing, you choose how and when you pay for electricity, the same way you buy gasoline or a prepaid phone card. Purchasing electricity as you go means there is no due date, and you can make payments when it fits your budget. Instead of a monthly statement, track your usage in SmartHub and we’ll notify you by email or text message when your prepaid balance is getting low. 

Best of all there are no surprise bills, security deposits, or late fees. Call our office or visit Prepaid Billing to learn more.

Pay by Cash Near You

Make real-time cash payments at a variety of participating locations in the Salem/Keizer area. Use the SmartHub app on your phone or desktop, select Bill & Pay, then Pay by Cash for a list of businesses that accept payments. Visit a location and show the cashier the SmartHub barcode (either on the app or a printed copy). Scan the barcode and make a cash payment. 

It’s easy, convenient, secure, and cash payments will post to your Salem Electric account immediately.