Members Helping Members —It’s the Co-op Way

February 01, 2021

For nearly 40 years member donations have been collected through various programs to assist thousands of members facing financial hardships. Many members choose to donate capital credits or add money to their monthly payment to help those who are struggling to pay their electric bill. 

Thanks to the generosity of our members, it’s clear the cooperative spirit thrives in this community. In 2020 Salem Electric received over $25,000 in member donations!

You can make a difference—donate to the SE Round Up Program one time, by rounding up your bill to the nearest dollar each month, or with a fixed recurring amount:

  • One-time donations can be made by checking the box on the front of your billing statement and indicating the additional amount you wish to include with your payment. 
  • Round up future bills by completing the form on the back of your monthly billing statement. 
  • Receive paperless billing? No problem! Sign up through the SmartHub mobile app or fill out a form to round up your bill each month, or select a fixed amount.
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