Maintaining Service Reliability

October 01, 2020

Tree Maintenance

Tree trimming is a critical part of Salem Electric’s ability to deliver safe and reliable electric service. We appreciate the beauty and environmental impact trees provide; however, it is vital to protect the electrical system from hazards that threaten electric reliability and safety. 

The Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC) requires us to maintain minimum clearances between trees and overhead power lines. Tree maintenance performed by our crews and contracted professionals adhere to the standards and practices outlined by the National Electric Safety Code and the Oregon PUC, and are the same standards followed by all Oregon electric utilities.


Tree Trimming
Tree Trimming
Tree Trimming


Which Trees Salem Electric Prunes

As we survey our service territory, crews examine trees for potential trouble spots looking for branches that are too close to power lines that could fall during a storm and cause an outage. Crews prune any trees determined to be a possible threat. 

How We Prune

Salem Electric’s top priority is to ensure safe, reliable power while guarding the health of the tree. A tree planted directly below our lines may be topped to keep the trunk from contacting the power line or, if branches surround the line, we will prune a middle section to provide adequate clearance.

How You Can Help

If you have a tree or large branch on your property that is growing into our overhead primary power lines, please let us know so our crews can inspect the tree. Submit a tree trimming request online or contact us at 503-362-3601 and provide the nearest address or location of the tree, type of tree, and a brief description  such as limbs touching the lines, broken limbs, or a tree uprooting near lines.