Increasing Reliability

March 01, 2021

Salem Electric is proud to serve our members with safe, affordable, and reliable service. To increase the reliability of our distribution system and prepare for future energy needs, Salem Electric has been hard at work upgrading equipment throughout our substations.

In September 2020, construction began to add a new 40MVA power transformer at our Hughes Substation in West Salem. Our engineering team, along with various contractors, spent several weeks installing equipment, an oil containment structure, and foundations for the new transformer structures. 

In January, the 100,000 pound transformer was delivered. Transporting a transformer this size is no easy task; after arriving to West Salem by truck, the transformer had to be trans-loaded to a smaller remote-operated trailer and guided into place at our substation. A video showing the event can be found on Salem Electric’s YouTube channel.

Once the transformer was in place, crews installed new breakers for transformer protection, a feeder breaker for a new circuit, all new controls and wiring, AC and DC distribution panels, and rebuilt our DC battery systems. In February the transformer was energized and the project complete!

Salem Electric’s distribution system is designed with our members in mind. When maintenance is required at one of our substations, we can de-energize the entire substation without any service interruptions. This new transformer adds flexibility for the future, increasing our already reliable service.


moving the transformer