2020 Annual Membership Meeting

June 01, 2020

For the safety and health of our members and employees, Salem Electric’s 2020 Annual Membership Meeting was held via webinar on Tuesday, May 5.

At the meeting, Board President Jeff Anderson welcomed members and assured them that the state of the cooperative is good. General Manager Tony Schacher provided an update on the co-op’s 2019 achievements including the completion of the AMI meter deployment and substation upgrades. Schacher encouraged members who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to contact Salem Electric and apply for a one-time bill credit. “Together we’ll get through this,” Schacher commented. Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s meeting by voting, or by attending remotely!

The Board of Directors election results were announced; Cindy Condon was reelected to position 5, Dave Bauer was reelected to position 6, and Angie Onyewuchi was elected to position 7. Directors serve three-year terms, act as ambassadors for the cooperative, and are responsible for approving the annual budget and evaluating the general manager. 


Cindy Condon
Position 5: Cindy Condon
Dave Bauer
Position 6: Dave Bauer
Angie Onyewuchi
Position 7: Angie Onyewuchi